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Business Training with a Personal Touch

Here at People Engagement Experts, we take a different approach to leadership training. You won’t find any boring, run-of-the-mill courses here. We specialize in face-to-face workshops and personal development exercises that get people involved.

Our approach is simple yet highly effective: The people who do the work, do the learning. So when you trust us with your personal development — or the people skills within your organization — you’re guaranteed a hands-on experience.

Led by Terry Williams, along with leadership development specialist Vicki Wilson, People Engagement Experts favours an interactive, collaborative, and practical approach — infused with an appropriate sense of fun.

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Our Personal Development Training Options

We are a small New Zealand-based business and development training company that specialises in face-to-face training workshops for small / medium-sized organisations to large corporates in New Zealand.

But because we offer bespoke solutions and a fun, face-to-face approach, more and more of New Zealand’s larger companies are turning to us for people skills training and personal development services.

Clients love our approach, as it’s proven to hold the attention of attendees and deliver tangible results. That’s why so many of our clients first approached us after being referred by another decision-maker or company.

Whether you’re an individual looking to kick-start your career or a growing business in need of a more capable and confident workforce, we’ve got the perfect training module for you.

●      Leadership Development

●      Communication

●      Emotional Intelligence

●      Business Writing

●      Personal Effectiveness

●      Sales Training — Process, Proposals and Presenting

●      Team Building

●      Facilitation Skills

●      Tough Conversations

●      Effective Feedback

●      Resilience

●      Presentation Skills

●      Sales

●      Time Management

●      Coaching

●      Conflict Management


As well as being one of New Zealand’s leading providers of personal development leadership courses, we’re also acclaimed book publishers — offering insights and experience-based advice via downloadable e-books.

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Why Choose Us for Business Training Courses

We’re not your average business training company. Our leadership courses don’t take themselves too seriously. And no, we don’t mean everyone gets to sit back and relax for a few hours — quite the opposite, in fact.

At People Engagement Experts, we believe that adding a little humour and fun to proceedings can improve learning outcomes. Let’s be honest: most leadership and sales training courses are nap-inducingly dull. By keeping energy levels high and embracing the power of laughter, we get through to people in a way that makes learning stick.

When you choose us for leadership training courses, you’re guaranteed an approach to learning you won’t find anywhere else.

●      Interactive, fun, and engaging learning and development

●      Practical, actionable takeaways you can apply to everyday business operations

●      The insights and guidance of expert trainers, facilitators, and leaders

●      A workshop-only zone — we might use the word course, but that’s not what we do!

●      Learn by doing to make sure you don’t forget what you’ve learned


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Our Clients

Yes, what we do is very popular among individuals and SMEs, but we’re also attracting the attention of global blue-chip businesses searching for more innovative approaches to personal effectiveness, leadership, and team-building. Here are just a handful of the brands that rely on us to deliver exceptional training.


TSB, Gallagher Insurance, Red Bull, Vodafone, Downer, Fletcher Building, RNZAF, Counties-Manukau DHB, Orion Health, Minter Ellison, Kia, Humes, Strategic Pay, Stake Glass, LawPlus, New Plymouth District District Council, Franklin Hospital.


Testimonials and Reviews

They say the proof of the eating is in the pudding, so we hope you’re hungry! We’ve earned a series of rave reviews and glowing testimonials over the years. Here are a few of them — and you can find even more on our Reviews page.


Mark Ford — Chairman, LAWPLUS

"Terry led a half-day workshop on employee engagement at our annual conference for law firms from throughout New Zealand. Throughout his time with the delegates there was a high level of engagement and comments afterwards were universally positive. From an organisational perspective, we found Terry to be professional and easy to deal with in all aspects."

Grant Walker — Operational Director, Red Bull

"I highly recommend Terry as a facilitator. His “Presenting with Presence” training was highly engaging and rewarding. He created a fun environment and at the same time provided numerous insights, suggestions, and advice on how to improve in delivering presentations. Five stars!"

Ali Alsaffaf — Staff Service Excellence Lead, ASB Bank

"Terry is an enthusiastic, funny, and down-to-earth person with both his personality and his teaching. He's got a great all-round in-depth knowledge of various topics and definitely knows how to cater to individuals. I would highly recommend Terry for any learning or development needs."


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