Live Work Love: #Add10QualityYears

Available via Amazon in kindle format and paperback.

12 tools to add 10 years. Our longevity, health, and quality of life are due 30% to genetic luck and 70% to our choices and behaviours. We’re dealt some cards and this book is about how to play the best hand, given those cards we’ve been dealt. No one wants to live forever but most of us would like to get the most out of whatever we’ve got coming. The vast majority of us would like to keep on going until we don’t, not taper off to a long unhealthy tail of life. Regardless of how long we have, how do we stay healthier longer, optimise our happiness and productivity, and make it all worthwhile?

The twelve controls cover the three domains of the physical, mental and social

  • Move
  • Eat
  • Sleep
  • Think
  • Learn
  • Challenge
  • Connect
  • Believe
  • Hang
  • Chill
  • Care
  • Touch

A toolbox, not an instruction manual, reviewing, critiquing, condensing, and applying much of the research on longevity, personal productivity, and happiness in one accessible read.