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  • Training & Event Presentations

    Support your people, improve results & retain talent.

    Get fun, interactive & engaging learning & development with practical actionable takeaways from an experienced expert trainer / facilitator / leadership coach. Experience collaborative, focused, training workshops or event presentations that stick. Popular dates fill fast so ENQUIRE NOW! In high demand have been Tough Conversations, Effective Feedback, Resilience, Presentation Skills, Sales, Time Mgt, Coaching, & Conflict Management. New Zealand Clients include: TSB, Gallagher Insurance, Red Bull, Vodafone, Downer, Fletcher Building, RNZAF, Counties-Manukau DHB, Orion Health, Minter Ellison, Kia, Humes, Strategic Pay, Stake Glass, LawPlus, New Plymouth District District Council, Franklin Hospital.

  • Training & Event Presentations

    Support your people, improve results & retain talent.

    Get fun, interactive & engaging learning & development with practical actionable takeaways from an experienced expert trainer / facilitator / leadership coach. Experience collaborative, focused, training workshops or event presentations that stick. Popular dates fill fast so ENQUIRE NOW! In high demand have been Tough Conversations, Effective Feedback, Resilience, Presentation Skills, Sales, Time Mgt, Coaching, & Conflict Management. New Zealand Clients include: TSB, Gallagher Insurance, Red Bull, Vodafone, Downer, Fletcher Building, RNZAF, Counties-Manukau DHB, Orion Health, Minter Ellison, Kia, Humes, Strategic Pay, Stake Glass, LawPlus, New Plymouth District District Council, Franklin Hospital. Testimonials One Picture 3.png

What People Say


  • "Terry recently facilitated a leadership training programme for my exec team which went exceptionally well! We were a small group of social workers, many new to executive roles but Terry managed to get everyone actively participating and kept us fully engaged for two whole days! His ability to connect individually and still space his facilitation perfectly to the group was much appreciated." - Fiona Ironside, CEO, Key Assets

  • "Superb presenter and facilitator - knowledgeable, well organised and really knows his content. Does a good job of combining theory with practice and a little bit of humour thrown in. Thanks for a great workshop Terry!" - Mindy Wigzell, Nutrition Professional, Foodstuffs North Island

  • "I really enjoyed this course, and the trainer was very informative.  I thought the info on skill matrices provided a good snapshot of how different skills may be distributed over a team.  The various framing models will also be helpful to implement in providing feedback." - Shontelle Grimberg, Solicitor, Russell McVeagh

  • "We were all very engaged for the whole training session and there was a great dynamic of presenting and discussing." - Poppy Mitchell-Anyon, Solicitor, Russell McVeagh

  • “For the second year in a row I commissioned Terry to be the MC for the AML Solutions annual AML SUMMIT conference. As expected, he hit it out of the park. Terry is enthusiastic and engages well with the audience and presenters. He also has boundless energy and the ability to keep the audience going until the very end. I highly recommend him for anyone searching for an event MC”.  - Jessica-Jane Winquist, Head of Marketing & Communication, AMLHUB

  • “Terry provided a very good workshop session which was inciteful and of value - his personality and experience were the perfect mix for an experienced salesman like me to stay interested and learn along the way - I would definitely recommend.” - Garry Crook, Area Sales Manager, Eagleburgmann NSW

  • "Terry is a fantastic trainer. I attended his Emotional Intelligence workshop. The content was great, but Terry brought it to a whole other level by making it interactive, interesting and relevant". - Charmaine Barrett, Executive Assistant, Align Limited

  • "Terry is a solid facilitator. Professional and efficient with pre-event logistics/planning. Energised and engaging during workshops. Attentive to the needs of the room/day. Agile and adaptable. Heaps of knowledge and experience to draw from. Every single person that attended one of Terry's workshops last month had nothing but positive things to say! Thanks Terry, looking forward to having you back." - Shelby Potou, Learning & Development Advisor, New Plymouth District Council

  • “Terry conducted an interesting, engaging, vibrant and useful Emotional Intelligence training at our company. I've participated in similar trainings in the past and Terry's way of delivering the content was by far more effective and efficient. I highly recommend Terry as a trainer for personal and professional development.” - Daria Borisov, Product Manager, Quantifi Photonics

  • "Terry conducted an informative, interactive, and engaging facilitation skills workshop. It offered valuable tools, tips, and resources for not just workshops but also work and life in general. The session's approach fostered a safe and collaborative environment that supported the learning. Whaiwhia te kete mātauranga! Fill the basket of knowledge!” - Gloriana Wilson, Risk Analyst, New Plymouth District Council

  • "Thank you so much for running such an engaging and useful training for us. A lot of the participants have told me how good you were at keeping them focused and I’ve been impressed to see people implementing the changes you taught them. We’re looking forward to having you back". - Kirstie Gough, Head of HR, Red Bull

  • "Terry was awesome, and really took an interest to get to know us as a group and what we were after in terms of development for our project needs." - Marin Tokmadzic, Project Engineer, Fletcher Construction

  • "Terry is an excellent presenter, and kept the mood light and fun during our team's behaviour-profiling session. He had novel ice breaker ideas and overall it was a fun and collaborative day. I highly recommend Terry and behaviour profiling for your next corporate team building day.” - Mobeena Hills, Special Counsel, Shine Lawyers

  • "Terry facilitated a fantastic session for our New Zealand team where everyone was engaged, informed and entertained. Highly recommend.” - Tracey Ryan, GM, Shine Lawyers

  • "Terry has a real ability to "read" his audience and adapt commentary to suit. He encourages active engagement, made content interesting, and kept content relatable". - Andrew Sandlant, Senior Development Manager, Kainga Ora

  • "Terry has a excellent way of communicating with his clients which is very attractive and rare. I really enjoyed his training and he really moves people with action and positivity. His skills are really impressive as a speaker,coach and motivator." - Nimmy Zachariah, IT Helpdesk Engineer, Elive

  • "Terry is fantastic. Not only is he bringing his own skills, experience, and ideas to any engagement, but he is expert at helping your own team discover its hidden gems. I wouldn’t pigeonhole Terry into sales or any particular discipline. He has a wider perspective of business success that will benefit any team!" - Sean Mitchell, Publisher, TechDay

  • "Thanks for delivering such a great course. It was very engaging and you managed to hold everyone’s attention span over two Monday afternoons! Everyone I’ve spoken to so far said they learned something new and will take their learnings into practice." - Lisa Stern, Learning & Development Manager, MinterEllisonRuddsWatts

  • "Terry is an engaging speaker who is able to deliver impactful sessions on people leadership. He focuses on the practical approaches people can take to grow as professionals. I highly recommend Terry for anyone looking to elevate the scope and capability of their leadership team." - Ria Blint, Senior Manager Projects & Change, Crombie Lockwood

  • Terry is a fabulous speaker and I highly recommend him to help your business. His words are especially valuable when your team are going on a change journey. He does a wonderful job of helping your team create a resilient mindset and be ready to tackle the future with courage and persistence. - Stephanie Pretorious, Improvement & innovation, Intent Group

  • “I attended Terry’s Emotional Intelligence workshop which was very informative, engaging, and fun. I enjoyed all activities with learning outcomes. Terry is a very professional and experienced trainer. His delivery is flawless. I highly recommend doing workshops with Terry. You won’t be disappointed". - Sumer Mahant, Project Manager, CORT

  • “I have just completed one of our workshops facilitated by Terry and found it one of the most memorable ones I’ve done in a long time. He was informative, engaging, and challenged our group's thinking throughout the day. I can’t wait for the next one" - Shaun Vaughan, Distribution Partner Manager, Red Bull

  • I had the pleasure of attending a training session facilitated by Terry this week, and I have nothing but great things to say about it. Overall the session was really engaging, resulting in development and techniques that I can apply both in a work context and in everyday life. There was an excellent ratio of presentation by Terry and application of the content via tasks, resulting in open and thorough team discussions, and far greater understanding of the principles compared to if we were just talked at or given readings. Terry's openness and attitude made for a really positive and productive training session, and I am excited to participate in more of his presentations in the future. Highly recommend! - Emma Dymond, Chief Accountant, Red Bull

  • “I recently attended Terry’s training on ‘Managing difficult conversations'. It was fun , interactive and very well executed. I really liked the mini workshops he orchestrated in the session which were simple and highly effective. I am looking forward to do more of these sessions in the future”.  – Shyam Suresh, Industrial Automation, SMC Corp

  • “Last week I attended a session presented by Terry with many of our senior leaders. The session was very valuable and presented in a very relaxed manner that enabled us to discuss this openly with our peers and ensured we made the most of it. Very thought-provoking". - Darren Munro, Regional Branch Manager, Crombie Lockwood

  • "Fantastic, down to earth, and “real” approach to leadership training . I really felt like Terry was able to step into our world and provide real life examples that just made sense. One of the best sessions I’ve attended and highly recommend to any manager wanting to learn more about themselves and the people they manage". - Aaron Lees, Regional Manager Auckland North, Crombie Lockwood

  • "Insightful and inspiring speaker. Terry led a great group session that critically analysed time and self management behaviour. The group was challenged to discuss their current perceptions on this topic and to implement new strategies that enhance workplace productivity. Highly recommend!" - Luke Mobberley, Sports Marketing Specialist, Red Bull

  • "I attended a training course facilitated by Terry, which was centered around how to approach 'Tough Conversations'. The content of the course was both relevant and useful, and Terry did an expert job presenting different ideas and techniques to leaders of various levels of experience and ability. Terry's delivery was thoughtful; encouraging meaningful conversations between the group, and challenging the way we currently tackled high-leverage interactions in the workplace. I gained numerous useful tools and concepts from Terry, and look forward to training with him further in future!" - Troy McKissock, Business Improvement Manager, Pak n Save Lower Hutt

  • "I had the opportunity to attend Terry's training on Coaching & Mentoring and I have to say it was really interesting, well-executed with a great & interactive presentation style. I really liked that both experienced and fresh people leaders got value out of the training. Highly recommend Terry for Leadership / Coaching training." - Jesse Jose Chittilapally, Engineering Manager Digital, Vodafone NZ

  • "Terry is an enthusiastic, funny and down to Earth person with both his personality and his teaching. He's got a great all-round in-depth knowledge with various topics and definitely knows how to cater to individuals. Would highly recommend Terry for any learning or development needs".

    - Ali Alsaffaf, Staff Service Excellence Lead, ASB Bank

  • "Terry's session with us on presenting will not only help our conference presentations, but our other comms as well." - Dave Slomp, GM Operations, Architectural Profiles Ltd

  • "The day was a resounding success". - Vicki Richardson, Associate Manager Customer Dialogue, Toyota

  • "Terry was excellent, provided great content, & engaged well with the team. I personally found the day great." -

    Ross O'Dea, Customer Interactions Manager, Toyota New Zealand

  • "I highly recommend Terry as a facilitator. His “Presenting with Presence” training was highly engaging and rewarding. He created a fun environment and at the same time provided numerous insights, suggestions and advice on how to improve in delivering presentations. Five stars!" - Grant Walker, Operational Director, Red Bull

  • "Would highly recommend Terry! Great coach and created a great environment for our training. Really got a lot out of it!" - Jon McCarthy, On-Premise Sales Director, Red Bull NZ

  • "Terry led a half-day workshop at our annual conference for law firms from throughout New Zealand. Throughout his time with the delegates there was a high level of engagement and comments afterwards were universally positive. From an organisational perspective we found Terry to be professional and easy to deal with in all aspects." - Mark Ford, Chairman LawPlus

  • “Terry provided an engaging and thoroughly entertaining presentation to a diverse crowd of NZDF personnel and their partners. The content was a highly effective balance between, humour, science, and lived experience which made it both relatable and enjoyable for all involved. All of this was reflected in both the positive disposition of the crowd in attendance, and the slew of wonderful feedback that came after the event. The RNZAF mentoring advisory team highly recommend Terry for both his entertainment and professional development value.” - Mentoring Advisory Team, RNZAF Base Ohakea

  • "Terry brought a real warmth and humour to our event backed by a professional and well planned presentation on how leaders can and must become effective storytellers . It secured the full engagement of a demanding and discerning audience of Chief Executives by bringing the topic to life with great instructive advice illustrated with great examples. A fun session that delivered fully on our objectives and was highly rated by our members". - Simon Whyte, CEO Institute

  • "Terry knows what he's talking about" - Rawinia Wright, OCS Limited

  • "Big shout out to Terry Williams for facilitating a highly interactive online workshop on resilience for some of our key Audiologists and Managers, late last week. COVID-19 is causing major disruption but also opening up new possibilities in terms of the ways we work -> I can highly recommend Terry to other organisations looking to invest in their people through this tricky period". - Ben Mayson, MD Triton Hearing

  • "What Terry does is very valuable, helping and guiding others to find their own solutions". - Bettina Urbanski, HR Manager, Kohler

  • "There are keys to hosting great events, and we have found the energy and inspiration that Terry Williams brings to our events leaves people enthused, inspired and grateful. Always the professional with an obvious heart for people, he has just the right mix of challenge and encouragement to what he brings. We love him!" - Shaun Lines, Director, GROW Events

  • Terry was a real asset as our MC at our last conference. Not only is he good at what he does, he’s very funny as well. You could hear laughter all throughout the Christchurch Town Hall when he was on stage which made me feel at ease when I was racing around making sure the event was going to plan. On top of being the MC throughout the two-day conference, he was the Gala Dinner MC and also the final Keynote speaker. He’s very adaptable, professional and someone you can count on to do an awesome job! I would highly recommend Terry for any event.

    Karla Farrar, Communications & Group Services Manager, NZ Certified Builders

  • "Terry has been our MC at the Safe365 Safest Place to Work Awards for the last two years. We love the fact that he is well organised, allows the proceedings to flow naturally while keeping to the run sheet and keeping people on point. Terry’s personal style and approach allows for a very natural connection with the audience - it is a beautiful combination of professional and casual all rolled up into one so that people can relate to him on a very personal level. Independently of my own comment one of my Safe365 colleagues commented on Terry after last night was …. “ He was soooooo good!” That about says it all. I wouldn’t hesitate to engage Terry again for our events and definitely recommend him to others – you won’t be disappointed". - Mark Kidd, Co-Founder & Director Safe365

  • "Terry was an absolute pleasure to host as our guest speaker. Terry has a very natural and engaging speaking style. The high energy and humour with which he delivered his talk was infectious and produced much laughter and audience participation. The team left his talk feeling invigorated and newly focussed on the future, and on taking the steps towards making their ‘2 dangerous things per year’ a reality. We have had a number of talks of this kind and this has undoubtedly received the most enthusiastic feedback. I would recommend Terry as a motivational speaker, comedian, trainer and would definitely have him back anytime." - Richard Spelman, Chief Scientist, LIC

  • "Another outstanding presentation. Always a highlight to hear you speak" - Grant Vaughan, BuildSmart Otago

  • "A great job not only as MC but your keynote was brilliant in its simplicity." - Miranda Knapton, GM Blue Summit Construction

  • "Awesome presentation! Loved the content, takeaways, and of course the laughs!!!" - Nick Bloor, President Enterpreneurs' Organization Brisbane

  • "The best leadership development course I've been on".Rachel Olsen - OfficeMax Team Leader Training & Compliance

  • "Thank you for your guidance, enthusiasm and humor in MCing the #HRGrow event. You are an amazing talent!" - Prof Doug Waldo, Partner & Principal Consultant, Leading Dimensions Consulting (Florida)

  • "Terry, thank you for being an awesome MC. Your guidance, energy and humour were on point. We loved the 'voice' and the boots :) " - Shrabean Singh, Operations Manager at PD Training

  • "Terry was recently the MC at our annual conference in Auckland. Both myself and the audience really enjoyed Terry’s professional high-energy during the day and his enthused humour during the conference dinner. But it’s what the audience didn’t see that sticks in my mind even more, the way he ensures the conference runs smoothly, the speakers are on and in time, and both myself and the audience has a good time. Terry is totally professional, and I totally recommend him." - Brett Jeffery, GM NZ Australasian Society of Association Executives

  • "A fantastic day with a really engaged bunch of people that you managed brilliantly." - Garrick Loft, Senior Sales Manager, NZ International Convention Centre

  • "A true professional helping organizations achieve their objectives and amplify the impact of their mission through high-value events! Thanks Terry"! - Genevieve Leclerc, Caravelle Strategies

  • "... truly engaging and informational (and bloody hilarious)". - Nick Honiss, Profitable Tradies

  • "You're a star". - Richard Tagiston - St John, Relationship Manager

  • "Terry, you did another amazing job MCing our conference. I love your work! A great, big thank you from NZ Certified Builders". - Eve Cooper, Membership Services Manager, CBANZ

  • "Terry has recently facilitated/MC'd a day long conference of 100 leadership staff for me. The day was extremely successful due in large part to the way Terry carried out his role. He brought a unique blend of energy, humour, and focus utilising his skills as a public speaker and as a practicing comedian, and also his ability to think on his feet. This combination kept our team energised and engaged through the day and he capped it off with an excellent motivational talk that caused us all to reflect, in between the bouts of laughter. I can thoroughly recommend Terry for any event of this kind". - Murray Bain, CEO TSB Bank


  • "In short, Terry was amazing and the perfect fit for our recent Leader’s Day where he was both MC and keynote speaker. He was funny, energetic and managed to integrate the days core messages into his presentation. The fact that many of the team are still talking about their ‘2 Dangerous Things’ is a testament to the impact Terry had. I highly recommend people talk to Terry for any conference type event". - Mark Gordon, Project Lead, TSB Bank

  • "99.9% rated your content as good or very good!!!! Here are some comments; “Terry did a great job , a good message and more importantly,  very engaging!”; “ The afternoon speaker was fantastic”; “Terry was exceptional and worked hard to engage us in a 2 hour slot”; “ I lost a staff member within 6 weeks of this talk because he’s gone off to challenge himself after working here for 25 years.”

    Janet Walke

    Staff Capability Leader, UCOL

  • "Terry has a natural gift of humour, and the ability to bring together a room full of strangers, and make them feel like a cohesive unit.  He brings with him an ability to take charge of any situation and can take a muted crowd to being pumped and ready to go.  From an organiser's perspective he gives the reassurance that everything you need him to do is taken care of. Undeniably, Terry's sincerity, professionalism, talent and wonderful energy will inject success into every conference or event he hosts!" - Dayrel Williams, NZgenomics

  • "The sublime comedy styling of Terry Williams took over the night. It was truly a fantastic show, and the audience turned out in great numbers, and were red hot through the night". - Umar Rana, Comedy Masala Singapore

  • "Thank you so much Terry for being such a terrific MC at our Lead To Succeed Graduation Dinner. It was immensely helpful having you conduct the proceedings. You read the crowd well and provided the perfect mix of professionalism and humour."

    Megan Brice, Director
    High Performance Centre

  • "Terry is a fantastic MC. He is very professional and great to deal with. I love the way he really listens to the presentations and uses content to tie together the whole day. It enables delegates to have a cohesive and seamless experience that is imperative to a successful event. The fact that he is also a great Comedian is an additional bonus in keeping the energy alive in the room. I have full confidence in Terry and I would highly recommend him."

    Emily Byrne

  • "Not unlike a jovial Hughesy onThe 7pm Project from across the ditch in Australia and has a charm of his own... Remarkably good."

    TheatreView (2015)

  • “WEX are an IT Company, who have experienced phenomenal growth, and the challenges it presents. Terry presented a seminar on Change, and provided insights into the different personality types that make up the office environment. Presented with more than a touch of humour overlaying a serious message, the office was alive and buzzing afterwards. We have also contracted Terry to MC an event to our ELT team, again with great success”

    Simona Turin
    Director Wex NZ

  • “We wanted a speaker who would be informative and humorous.  We quickly settled on Terry Williams as the ideal speaker for us and he delivered. A witty , informative, challenging presentation that had the audience laughing as well as giving them great information to take away and ponder. The feedback from our guests has been excellent, Terry’s involvement made it the perfect event we were hoping for. Thank you Terry!” - 

    John Brosnan, Cooper Aitken Accountants


  • "Great feedback from delegates regarding your presentation, rating 4.8 for facilitation out of a maximum of 5.0 (which I might add I’ve never seen delegates rate up to!)"

    Diane Robinson

  • “Terry is a delight.  His energy and enthusiasm is contagious and his presentation hit the perfect note for our conference.    He had the audience in the palm of his hand whilst sharing some great insights and nuggets of truth for everyone to take away.  I would absolutely recommend Terry as a Key Note speaker”. - 

    Susan Doughty, Executive Manager, RemNet.


  • "An awesome job. The feedback has been really positive." - 

    Marnie Burke, Events Director, Alzheimers Auckland


  • "Terry, many thanks for your key contribution as MC at this week's PMINZ Conference. Your ability to maintain positive energy, provide clear direction and smoothly manage the occasional curve-ball directly contributed to the conference success." - 

    Calum Robertson, Project Management Institute NZ

  • “Terry came to Nelson and presented to close to 200 of our clients.  Even though the topic was potentially a little dry, Terry made the presentation fascinating and entertaining.  Terry is a fantastic, entertaining speaker and the feedback we got from our clients was excellent.  Thanks Terry for a great show on such an important subject”.

    Gilbert Robertson
    Robertson Chartered Accountants

  • "Your seminar helped transform our company in terms of building and keeping an effective team. I am a chronic sceptic of business seminars and the slightly evangelical feel that many of them have.  Your presentation was focused on practical ideas from the real world, and all the better for it." - 

    Kevin Townsend, CEO,

  • We recently engaged Terry as MC for eight different award ceremonies across the North Island. He adapted well to the different audiences and ensured that our programme was delivered within our tight timeframe while being entertaining and professional - 

    Chris Keeping, New Zealand Dairy Industry Awards


  • "Terry presented in a humorous manner very imperative information for business managers/leaders to use in their workplaces, to influence those people around them. 83% of attendees (senior finance managers) rated Terry as excellent." - Megan Alexander, General Manager, Robert Half International


  • “Terry you were a pleasure to work with – your ease at understanding the brief, and willingness to fit into the brief for the conference was fantastic. You had a complete appreciation of how a conference needs to run and you earned the respect of conference delegates quickly.” - 

    Glenda Harding, Harding Consultants (IPENZ07 Conference)


  • "We, as a team, enjoyed your honest, practical and straightforward (yet impactful and valuable) presentation (and training)......not to mention the wonderful humour." - 

    Shimrath Paul, Chief Executive, Otago Museum


  • "Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did as MC. It was great being able to get on with what I was doing outside the room knowing that all was under control inside! The activities with the delegates worked a treat and really helped with the overall feel of the conference. I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a professional MC who is really cool to deal with!" - Annette Vao , Organiser, Safeguard National Health & Safety Conference

  • "Terry is an engaging presenter and works well in small/large group situations. In my case we were wanting to use a comedy ‘bent’ to not only better engage with our customers, but also find innovative ways to consider issues, find solutions and of course ‘connect’ people. Terry did a brilliant job for us in this capacity. Highly recommended."

    Jason Roberts, Marketing Manager

  • "The feedback I have received from our sponsors and media contacts re your performance last night has been 100% positive. I am confident your skills and most importantly "culture fit" will only but complement our desire to provide the most professional hospitality product within the series this season."

    Glenn Middleton, Manager Operations

  • "Thank you, Terry. You are an ingenious performer who invigorated our audience with your rapid-fire repartee and observational wit. A skilled master of ceremonies, assured compere, and polished stand-up left our delegates screaming for more! Sincere thanks, for your commitment to our 2008 Asia Pacific Venue Industry Congress."

    Debi Chalmers
    Asia-Pacific Venue Management Association

  • "A marvelous job... very professional, respectful yet still hilariously funny... It was the perfect end to a successful conference.

    Roseta Jacobs
    Auckland University Centre For Professional Development

  • "I'm not sure that we have ever had such positive and enthusiastic comments from our staff on evaluation forms... This was the best staff meeting we have ever had."

    Linda Stansfield
    Northland Regional Council

  • "Among the many speakers I have met, Terry is among the rare ones who can turn a conference to be an entertaining event for all. Terry did a brilliant job for us in this capacity at HR Summit 2011 in Singapore."

    Eka Merdekawaty Talji
    Key Media, Singapore (HR Summit 2011)

  • "Terry added spice and life to our conference. He educated and entertained us with examples of how to communicate with humour, and showed how breaking out of the day-to-day patterns of the workplace can make everyone’s work more enjoyable, and thus more effective."

    John Rogers
    Trimble Navigation New Zealand Limited

  • “Terry is a very engaging speaker who presents with passion, humor and a mischievous streak. He clearly knows his subject but much more importantly he is able to impart his knowledge and connects with the audience. He leaves you not just inspired to take action but with the information and tools to do so. Terry’s presentations were interesting, funny, thought-provoking and educational. Many of our delegates gave him two-thumbs up for his session and have asked to hear him speak again next year.“

    Fiona Sim
    Key Media, Singapore

  • “The best corporate entertainment I’ve ever been to.”

    Professor Alan Stenger
    Business School, University of Auckland.

  • "Terry’s session as Keynote Speaker finished our conference on the 'high' that we were looking for. His very humorous session gave us skills to apply not only in our businesses but also in our personal lives."

    Brian Berry
    Rothbury Financial Services

  • "Terry rocked our world! We got him to do a stand-up routine at a celebration event for the whole Macpac team. Breaking all all the rules of stand-up comedy - 10 am start, the audience having no clue why they were there, and no lubricants - Terry had us rolling around the aisles. His gags were funny, original and often deliciously unpredictable. Thanks Terry for a great event."

    Graeme Lord
    Macpac Wilderness Equipment

  • "Why waste time looking for anyone else?"

    Pauline Prince

  • "I thought you were really good - you are both funny and likeable, and from what I have seen of other comedians, the two don't always go together. I really enjoyed your bit of the evening."

    Beryl Oldham
    NZ Navy

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