Welcome to a transformative journey in leadership development led by Vicki Wilson, an accomplished talent development professional. With a wealth of experience in leading large, complex teams across diverse industries, Vicki is your strategic partner in achieving extraordinary outcomes.

Leadership Mastery Through Coaching

At the heart of Vicki's expertise lies a passion for cultivating leadership excellence. She offers personalised 1-1 coaching for current and aspiring leaders, leveraging a unique blend of qualitative and quantitative analysis. Through a tailored coaching model, Vicki identifies individual strengths and weaknesses, fostering ownership and accountability. The outcome? Tangible improvements in individual and team performance, accountability, and overall effectiveness.

Building Trust, Transparency, and Resilience

Great leaders cultivate strong, productive relationships with their teams and peers. Vicki collaborates with senior leaders and managers, fostering trust and transparency even in challenging situations. Her approach addresses the good, the bad, and the ugly to chart a course forward.

Operational Leadership Expertise

Having directly led large and diverse teams, Vicki understands the multifaceted challenges of leadership. Whether in direct or indirect leadership roles, she brings a diverse skill set to navigate operational and performance expectations. Her experience extends beyond managing people; she excels in achieving operational and performance outcomes while balancing stakeholder and client expectations.

Strategic Planning for Success

Vicki's pragmatic approach to planning and design ensures teams are comprised of the best talent aligned with common goals. Leveraging a talent identification matrix, she empowers managers and leaders to optimize career paths for top performers, fostering a culture where exceptional performance becomes the expected standard.

Client Testimonial:

"Working with Vicki, we discovered her passion for empowering people and ensuring they have the resources for effective work. Her sincere dedication to excellence, combined with her keen sense of humanity, makes her a competent manager and motivating force in the workplace." - Raamon Newman, CEO, New Mavericks

Embark on a journey of leadership excellence with Vicki Wilson – where passion meets performance, and success becomes the new norm.


About Vicki Wilson:

Vicki Wilson is more than a seasoned senior leader; she is a mentor, coach, and catalyst for leadership growth. Drawing from extensive senior HR experience and a track record in commercial operations, Vicki navigates both the nuances and complexities that shape success. Her journey spans a spectrum of commercial organizations, from small businesses to large enterprises.

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