Vicki Wilson: Talent Development Professional


  • Experienced senior leader

  • Lead large complex teams

  • Worked across range of commercial organisations

  • Multi industry experience

  • Large & small business experience 

Leader, Mentor Coach

I’m passionate about the growth and development of our leaders within industry and across organisations.  With a combination of senior HR experience and commercial operations, I’ve had exposure and experience with both the small and large things that can impact on achieving great outcomes.

My approach is based on understanding root causes and tackling underlying problems or concerns and setting realistic plans in place to address challenges.  As leaders, our success comes from great productive working relationships with our teams, peers and those in our broader network.  I work with senior leaders and managers to build and foster a trusting and transparent relationship with their team members.  This means we deal with the good, bad and the ugly to find ways forward.

Modern leaders need a range of tools, skills and styles to access to help them connect with colleagues, team members and peers – my approach is to support leaders to develop a range of styles to lead and manage their teams during good and challenging times.  At the heart of leading others well, is to understand yourself well and how to connect with those around you.

Operational Leader

With direct experience of leading and managing large and diverse teams I know the challenges this can bring. Direct and indirect leadership roles require a range of skill sets. 

At the heart of our leadership success is the underlying need to connect with people using different methods, styles, techniques and approaches.  Not only do leaders need to manage their people, but they also have operational and performance outcomes to achieve, plus juggle expectations from stakeholders and clients. 

I’ve worked extensively across these scenarios and enjoy the opportunity to find progress and success in overcoming barriers.


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"Working with Vicki we discovered she has a passion for empowering people and making sure they have the resources to do their work as effectively as possible. She has a sincere dedication to doing what is best not just what gets the job done. Combine this with her great sense of human and ability to see the good in everything you have a super competent manager and motivating force in the workplace." - Raamon Newman, CEO, New Mavericks