You Be You (But Better):
Fast-track your personal effectiveness

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This book provides you the skills and tools to get better at getting better, which is a critical component of ongoing personal effectiveness. Timeless ideas and models, plus new ways and innovations, to take control of your life. All the ingredients you need for success. So, complete the book, add motivation, and stir.

In your life and career, there’s a lot of competition out there. There’s a lot of noise and distractions. How can you step up and stand out? There are a lot of people working on their ‘personal brand’ and I have nothing against that idea. But, if that’s all you’re doing, it will lack substance and you will get found out quickly. Yes, imposter syndrome is a real thing where people lack confidence and feel that they’ll be exposed as a superficial ‘fake’ but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t real imposters out there. They look good and get the gig. The way to sustainably step up and stand out, to compete with those who just look good is … your results.

Step up and stand out – at work and in life. Take charge of improving your own productivity and personal effectiveness. Boost your assertiveness, confidence, influence, communication, problem-solving, resilience, productivity, and more.

You may have the technical skills you need, perhaps more than others with whom you’re competing. But, are you getting the raise or promotion? Are you getting listened to by those who make the decisions? Are you on a path to becoming the one who makes the decisions? That path is yours to make and it starts wherever you’re at right now.

What will move you and accelerate you along that path are not solely your technical skills. Others around you have those too. You make happen when you differentiate yourself by striding noticeably forward in your personal effectiveness. You can achieve this with the combination of people skills and practical skills covered in this book. Get more done. Get better results. Enhance your reputation. Power up your magnetism as a colleague of choice. Create momentum that will continue to motivate you further as you progress and hit the occasional rough patch. Bring others along for the ride.

Reinvigorate or Reinvent Yourself