Getting Better Buy-In: How To Move Your People To Move With You - A Leader's Motivational GuideBook & Presentation

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The thing about behavior change is that you can’t do it for them, nor can you always be around when the going gets tough. For those people doing the actual moving towards behavior change, they need to:

  • want to do it,
  • think they need to do it,
  • think they can do it, and
  • think they should do it now.

The combination of all those conditions is what we label ‘motivated’.

What I’ve done with this book, and its associated presentations and workshops, is to give you structures, systems, tools, and the design for environments that will allow and enable you to motivate yourselves when I’m not around. And, more importantly, for you to do the same with your people. 

The ideas and tools in this book are backed by research and forged in real-life experience. They work. But we need to get away from this notion of motivation being you saying something to someone enthusiastically like a cheerleader or forcefully like a Marines Drill Sergeant, or an impassioned plea to go out and win one for the Gipper. They are easy images to conjure up but they’re not how lasting motivation is managed in the real world. They’re movie set-pieces and you’re not Al Pacino.