Stepping Up:
Can I Lead, And Why Would I Want To?

Maybe your team is already highly effective? That can’t last forever and you need to plan for the future now. Maybe your team is not yet highly effective? That can’t be allowed to continue and you need a plan and the people to lead that plan. Where do those leaders come from?

Research indicates the best source of leadership talent is from within. They know the people, the environment, the market, the problems. They’ll hit the ground running. But, those people who might look and sound like leaders on the surface might not have what it takes in practice. You’ve got to watch the quiet ones. A significant proportion of potential leadership talent in your workplace will not yet consider themselves to be such a leader – now or later. They won’t put themselves forward or will be hesitant in their commitment.

You can run training programmes for leadership skills but that will be less effective if those you direct to attend lack the aspiration. A.S.K yourself – attitude, skills knowledge – that training will develop the skills and the knowledge but what can you do to kindle a spark in the attitude of someone that becomes the fire of internal motivation?

This presentation provides inspiration in such potential untapped leaders with evidence: stories, stats and studies of others in their shoes who decided to commit and their positive outcomes. Also, practical and realistic, it identifies common obstacles and solution options for those. All told in an accessible, entertaining and distinctively memorable style.

Who Would Benefit?

  • Organisations with a current or imminent leadership development programme,
  • Organisations with an eye on succession and encouraging those with talent and potential to ‘step up’,
  • Workplaces with a significant population of workers who are either lacking in confidence to put themselves forward, or are naturally not ‘self-promoters’,
  • Workplaces with diversity issues in their leadership population,
  • Employers,
  • Employer associations,
  • Small to medium enterprises.


Client Comment:

“I have been working with Terry for a number of years now, he is truly inspirational. He takes on challenges just because he wants to, for no other reason. Pondering one day on what scared him the most, a standup comedian sprung to mind so that is exactly what he decided to become. He has never looked back since. Coupled with his strength as an MC, and with his understanding of human behaviour, he can read an audience to modify his delivery and target the interaction to make for an entertaining event”. – Lance Burdett, Founder / CEO, WARN International