REACH Leadership Experience EcoSystem

What is REACH?

REACH is the only platform that provides leaders at all levels of seniority with the tools and training to be more effective at every step of leadership.

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REACH measures agility to adapt to the needs of different people, situations, and tasks. Its tools and data, combined with the skilled facilitation of the People Engagement Experts, drives and supports a range of comprehensive and cost-effective learning programme options to suit any size team or organisation.

REACH provides clear insights into agility, preferences, and skills of:

  • Individuals
  • Leaders 
  • Organizational behaviors that impact engagement


REACH combines the science of analyzing human traits using psychometrics together with measuring agility (REACH) that can be grown by developing awareness, skills, resilience, and a growth mindset. REACH is measured as a Quotient (a score out of 5) and is visually represented by an individual's REACH Zone.

An individual's primary archetype is identified as one of 4 primary styles: Counselor (green), Coach (blue), Advisor (yellow) and Driver (red), growing agility into the other styles is achieved by developing the skills most commonly associated with the other primary styles. As a person grows their agility to stretch into the other styles, they grow their REACH and in turn improve their effectiveness in different situations.


REACH is used by organizations to improve performance and engagement today, and build capability to thrive in the future of work. The REACH Ecosystem is the solution to help people thrive in our Volatile, Unpredictable, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world with clarity and simplicity.

See how REACH Reduces Costs of people related expenses by up to 70%

Most organizations can reduce recruitment and development overheads by around 70%, use the cost savings calculator here to see how your costs will reduce with REACH.


A Comprehensive, Holistic, & Self-Driven Tool For Teams & Individuals

  • Not just training but learning that is part of an ecosystem
  • The process, structure and content is influenced by data before, during, and after learning
  • Resources to lead, train, coach & embed
  • You have the options of individual, 360, and / or team culture assessments, the results of which identify gaps and needs that can be bridged with specific training and coaching, generating courseware and resources that can be tailored to your needs, minimising development cost and effort
  • The impact is measured along the way to ensure effectiveness and return on your investment.