TeamUp Events Engaging Remote Teams Showcase May 2020 - Free Book offer

Hi team. Thanks for your recent attendance at the showcase.

As promised, here is a link to my book 'Getting Better Buy-In'. (Available free for a week to you in eBook format, readable on any browser).

Also, here is a link to download a pdf one-pager summarising the leadership behaviours that add up to a trusting team culture, especially critical for remote teams. It's useful as a guide to self-assessing your start point and progress, or more useful to work on together with your team.

Also, here's a link to my page on the one-page user manual idea with both a downloadable pdf template and an online version.

Also, here's a link to a LinkedIn article I wrote about the ENERGY solution to getting worn out by online meetings.

And, these aren't even mine - here's a link to a youtube video summarising the six thinking hats. It's a great mental model for getting the best out of your people who aren't naturally inclined to put themselves or their ideas forward, especially critical for remote teams. Here's a link to an animated summary of the influence book I recommended.

Thanks again. Please do let TeamUp Events or myself know if you need anything else. Click here if you'd like to enquire about me presenting, training or facilitating for you. Remain awesome.

2 Dangerous Things A Year (Laugh & Learn!

Terry Williams 2 dangerous things a year (Get unstuck. Average sucks) LIC 23Oct2019 from Terry Williams on Vimeo.

4 More Tips (in 60 Seconds) on Engaging Remote Teams

Engaging Remote Teams: A Brain-Based Boss 4-tips-in-60-seconds video by Terry Williams from Terry Williams on Vimeo.

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