2 Dangerous Things A Year - The Book

The book '2 Dangerous Things A Year' is available on Amazon in Kindle format and in paperback.

If you constantly find yourself to be the smartest person in every room you’re in, then you need to get you into some different rooms. And that's the theme of this book: developing yourself or your people by getting out of the ‘room’ you’re in, getting out of your comfort zone, getting better at getting better, working out your change muscles and building up your reservoir of resilience so you've got them before you need them.

  1. Why you should be proactive about change and risk,
  2. Why most people aren’t, and
  3. How you can – how you can make a start, build momentum, muscle through when it gets tough and bring others along for the ride.

There is a real concern amongst leaders that their people are unfit for change. Being unfit for change leads to disengaged and burnt-out people who won’t develop themselves nor meet their goals. The lack of development and unmet goals further reinforces negativity and contributes to a downward spiral called ‘Change Extinction’. The more positive alternative choice (and it is a choice) is a pathway called ‘Change Evolution’.

You can start on your ‘Change Evolution’ path by reading this book, doing your own dangerous things, adapting your ‘Danger DNA’, and becoming ‘Change Fit’.

Terry Williams is an expert and motivational speaker on engaging people. His previous books are ‘The Guide: How to kiss, get a job & other stuff you need to know’, ‘The Brain-Based Boss’, ‘Live Work Love: #Add10QualityYears’ and ‘Getting Better Buy-In’ These take psychological research and real-world case studies then presents the key findings back in a practical and engaging way.

He also does 2 dangerous things a year. The first of these was stand-up comedy and he has been a professional stand-up comedian for almost twenty years at festivals, conferences and on cruise ships.