Engaging Your People Through Change & Uncertainty

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A key with change and adversity is proactivity, doing something, even when the environment is such that you feel powerless. That feeling of powerlessness can drive anxiety and stress. Do something. Be proactive. Take some steps.

  1. Are change and uncertainty the new normal?
  2. Why should we assist our people through change and uncertainty?
  3. How can we help ourselves and our people through change and uncertainty?

The dictionary's first definition of resilience is not about people. It's about manufacturing materials and how quickly they could bounce back from being dropped or damaged. Only later did psychologists tweak the definition to make it about people. Because people were seen as units of production as well.

How can people bounce back to their ability to recover from adversity? That dictionary definition of "bouncing back" is obsolete because if you assume that we are going back to the way things were before but there isn’t a 'before' anymore.

How can we and our people not just survive adversity, but learn from it and come out better prepared for the next inevitable adversity?

Who Would Benefit?

  • Senior executives,
  • Employers,
  • Employer associations,
  • Owner / operators of small to medium enterprises
  • Team leaders

Client Comment:

Terry is a fabulous speaker and I highly recommend him to help your business. His words are especially valuable when your team are going on a change journey. He does a wonderful job of helping your team create a resilient mindset and be ready to tackle the future with courage and persistence. - Stephanie Pretorious, Improvement & innovation, Intent Group

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