Terry's Tailored Intro's

I MC'd a conference of entrepreneurs in Brisbane recently. They really liked the high-energy introductions I'd give speakers so I kept amping them up to almost gameshow / Vegas levels. Because they were entrepreneurs, they encouraged me to offer this as a service online. 

Here's a sample for a volunteer. It's still an idea in the making but all I needed was a phrase summarising the purpose of the person's business, another phrase capturing their point of difference, and 4 general personal descriptors. Also, it helped to get pointed at their LinkedIn etc. The rest is showtime hype. I can only imagine the ceative applications at work of the recording which I provided in both mp3 and mp4 format.

Contact me by email and we can discuss me doing one for you. As I say, it's early so it'll help sort out the mechanics, price, etc before I set up shop properly (if at all). Bit of fun.