The Brain-Based Boss

How to engage the people you lead or need to influence. Based on five proven principles of brain science, ‘The Brain-Based Boss’ is a book of practical workplace-ready tools for leaders who want to motivate their staff to motivate themselves and to contribute to their own personal and professional success.

Written in a user-friendly and engaging style, ‘The Brain-Based Boss’ aims to teach leaders how to encourage their staff to: exhibit greater self discipline; develop a growth-oriented mindset and a goal focused approach to their work and to spend a greater proportion of their working day in an optimal productivity state of “flow”.

"Easy to read, written with New Zealanders in mind, it helps build the general knowledge around engagement and how it can benefit the manager and the company." - MATT DRAPER, NORTHERN REGIONAL MANAGER, COURIERPOST

“Terry came to Nelson and presented to close to 200 of our clients. Even though the topic was potentially a little dry, Terry made the presentation fascinating and entertaining. Terry is a fantastic, entertaining speaker and the feedback we got from our clients was excellent. Thanks Terry for a great show on such an important subject”. - GILBERT ROBERTSON, ROBERTSON CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS

Actively engaged employees choose to do more than they have to. Unengaged employees only do what they have to. They show up. They’re ‘present.’ Disengaged employees are seeking work elsewhere, appropriating or even sabotaging resources and badmouth you to others. What percentage of employees on average do you think are in each category?

Engaged = 26%

Present = 46%

Disengaged = 28%

Ouch! But does it matter? A 15% increase in engagement correlates to a 2.2% increase in operating margins. Higher engagement means lower staff turnover, lower absenteeism, higher customer satisfaction, better safety records, higher quality and more efficient productivity, and less theft by staff. Yes it matters! A ten percent increase in engagement leads to an average increase in earnings of $NZ12130 per employee.