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These modular programmes are tailored to the duration and frequency the client needs but generally range from 3 to 10 workshops, spaced out rather than in blocks. Maintaining momentum and normalising the programme is important to keep up participants’ motivation and commitment. Previous client groups have elected to augment the monthly workshops with a group-coaching reinforcement session in the intervening fortnights to reinforce the prior learning and ‘check-in’ with participants on how they’re applying the learning and what obstacles they face and support they need. The REACH tools are useful supports for this with coaching or self-coaching. As a further support / reinforcement option, some clients opt for coaching also. Participants are allocated a minimum of three sessions at monthly intervals. Coaching differs from training in that it is a series of one-on-one conversations led by Terry as coach, generating provocative questions but where the work and progress is determined by the coachee. It is focused on a single goal determined by the coachee between the first and second sessions. To make this cost-effective for all, this needs to be booked in days, not random hours here and there. Usually, not every participant is open to the idea, nor able to meet the commitment. Consequently, Terry recommends that only those who energetically opt-in get offered coaching. This process is tremendously useful in bedding in learning from a programme and dealing with the obstacles and barriers of implementing skills outside the classroom.

Terry recommends using the REACH profiling tools. Click here for a brief PDF explainer of REACH and the productivity benefits and cost savings it can enhance. While many participants may have been through other similar assessments, REACH will allow all participants to receive multiple profiles (personality, communication, leadership) at the same time and work through them together at the same time. The REACH system can also automatically generate from these surveys a training needs analysis report for individuals and the group collectively. It can be completed on smartphones and tablets or via web browsers. In order to track and provide some evidence-based insight into the impact and ROI of your leadership programme, Terry suggests a pre and post culture survey with a focus on leadership. Two surveys create a baseline and a post-programme comparison. The resulting reports highlight suggested areas of strength, development need, and areas of movement.

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