Remote Masterclasses:
Personal Effectiveness / Leadership

You need to be more effective right now - personally & professionally. High-value content, delivered engagingly 'just-in-time' with takeaway tools. What you need, where and when you need it. Practical, collaborative, high-energy interaction.

"Big shout out to Terry Williams for facilitating a highly interactive online workshop on resilience for some of our key Audiologists and Managers, late last week. COVID-19 is causing major disruption but also opening up new possibilities in terms of the ways we work -> I can highly recommend Terry to other organisations looking to invest in their people through this tricky period". - Ben Mayson, MD Triton Hearing

Enquire now on how you can customise your own sessions for your own needs.

Terry has 25+ years of experience working with leaders leading change and dealing with disruption, building a massive toolbox of practical business tools and techniques, plus a coaching process to guide you to self-discovery via the tactical use of purposeful questions.

Topics include:
- Team-building over technology (Assessing and enhancing trust for remote teams)
- Resilience & you (minimising aggregated stress in a high-stressor environment)
- Time management
- Controlling focus & attention under pressure
- Critical thinking & decision making
- Assertiveness
- Difficult conversations
- Collectively keeping & distributing the lessons learned 'on-the-fly' by individuals in remote teams
- Creative problem-solving in unpredictable conditions
- Getting better buy-in (how to move your people to move with you)

"Terry Williams is amazing, I have completed numerous personal training courses in NZ and AUS and I can say hand on heart that Terry is the most interesting and knowledgeable instructor I have had the pleasure of learning from. I would recommend his services to any of my professional colleagues." - Brad Almond, Kia Motors

"What Terry does is very valuable, helping and guiding others to find their own solutions". - Bettina Urbanski, HR Manager, Kohler

"A fantastic day with a really engaged bunch of people that you managed brilliantly." - Garrick Loft, Senior Sales Manager, NZ International Convention Centre

"I came away feeling incredibly empowered and challenged to improve, really think about what I write and how I write!  It was not just the writing context that challenged my perspective and way of thinking, but the confidence to believe in myself again after having worked within an environment whereby I questioned was I in the right role. So, thank you for making a difference". - Angela Skelton, Auckland District Health Board

"The workshop and presenter were both very good and highly recommended.  The presenter was excellent – Terry was very engaging and had an entertaining style which kept my interest (even though I had attended a similar workshop before), and explained the content extremely well.  He seemed very knowledgeable and experienced in these forms of presentation and was able to tailor/relate the workshop to suit the audience.  He certainly added value well over and above the accompanying printed materials". - Kylie Mooney, Meredith Connell

Click here for a 2-page summary of a critical thinking process and tools. It's an example of the sort of thing Terry coaches through in his interactive sessions - practical takeaways, delivered effectively. Grab and go. Get back when you can. Click here for another example tool - it's an assessment for your Team-Trust, a critical success factor for remote teams.

This can be as digital or analog as you can handle. A series of phone calls and/or zoom sessions can raise individuals to their best performance above the noise, distractions, and dangers. You're reacting right now which is completely understandable but there will be a plateau within weeks. What have you got in place to engage and support your people then? Adrenalin only gets them so far.

A primary criticism from users of online learning has been that it's linear, one-way and passive. With Terry's highly interactive energy and facilitation of 'sideways-learning' within the group, you can get close to the face-to-face experience and fast-track your personal-effectiveness and people-support skills to lead change and build resilience. Business-as-usual is disrupted. You've got people all over the place and with new priorities under pressure, with rules non-existent or changing rapidly. There are home and family to think about as well. Is your personal 'reservoir of resilience' ready for this? Is your team's? Everyone's health and safety is paramount and part of that is a toolkit to focus the mind, think critically, get results, keep well physically and mentally, as well as bring everyone along for the ride. And, set yourself up for springing forward post-crisis.

In high-stress times of enforced change, people need to be ready and resilient. I can coach individuals or groups through a quick set of practical tips in 1-3 hours to raise themselves above the fray and bring their people along for the ride. To not just survive the experience, but be the better for it.

Enquire now on how you can customise your own sessions for your own needs. Tei roto katoa tatou i te reira (We're all in this together).


Remote leadership coaching.
Be more effective in today's troubled times (and beyond!)

I was talking about accelerating leadership development to a couple of senior HR people at an infrastructure company that clearly is going to be a major driver of the recovery. They made a very astute observation. The leaders they had pre-crisis were “fine”, “fit for purpose”. The crisis is highlighting people they might never have otherwise considered. What are you doing now to identify these people and accelerate their development?

Right now if you need to better support & engage your people - to motivate, change, influence & lead - not just others, but yourself, Terry helps you do that with a variety of proven personal and professional development tools and ideas - highly interactive with practical takeaways. Book an online session now