Case Study: Leadership Programme
Emergency Dept Nurses

The client wanted an external professional trainer to come in and deliver leadership training primarily to a group of newly promoted senior nurses. The demand was such, and the reservoir of inhouse ED-specific leadership experience of other more experienced senior nurses was such, that the group expanded to include a cross-section of participants with a wide and broad range of experience.

After 4 workshops with key players and stakeholders to determine the needs and priorities of the participants, we collaboratively agreed core content and the best way to meld the external, general, high-level leadership learning with the very specific ED nursing scenarios and the very non-classroom realities they faced every day.

There were a number of challenges including the undeniable reality that as an external non-health sector trainer / facilitator, I did not have, nor did I pretend to have, direct hands-on familiarity with their 'real world'. My expertise is facilitation.

We planned a structure to deliver 4 workshops over eight weeks. The first two were high-level, general leadership tools. 88% of participants agreed or strongly agreed that they would recommend the program so far. Understandably, the more senior participants did not. Responding to that feedback, we reshaped the subsequent workshops' content and delivery to diminish the introduction of new general content and replace it with group-generated scenarios relating to their actual issues with communication and coaching. From that point on, I shifted gear from trainer to facilitator, workshopping them in small groups, focused on generating solutions and options around addressing those issues. The tools we'd covered were put to practical and relevant use and the wisdom in the room was leveraged with the more senior folks distributed amongst those less so.

 They also certainly taught me a lot.