Accountability Builder

Is your team struggling with under-par performance? Instill positive accountability across all levels of your workforce with the popular Accountability Builder™ workshop, based on the bestselling book The Oz Principle. This accountability workshop sparks motivation, ownership, and innovation. Inspire every individual and team to achieve the organisation’s results and increase your corporate accountability. Click here to learn more about Accountability Builder...

Why Accountability Builder?

  • Leaders clearly define and communicate the Key Results™ they need everyone to own.
  • Participants apply an empowering view of accountability within a proven framework.
  • Individuals develop powerful skillsets for improving performance and achieving results through training, coaching, and daily application.
  • Teams gain awareness, become aligned, and make specific plans to take accountability to deliver the Key Results.
  • International users include Microsoft, McDonalds, Ford, Kellogs, UPS, Pfizer. Kiwi users include Silver Fern Farms, Tegal, LeaderBrand, Tait Communications, Employers & Manufacturers Association

What You Learn

  • The Steps to Accountability®
  • Overcome below the line behavior
  • Identifying your Accountability Gap®
  • Improve performance with feedback
  • Apply the See It, Own It, Solve it, Do it®, Steps & Modules
  • Accountability tool

What's The Impact?

  • Hit goals and achieve targets faster
  • Boost performance – and your bottom line
  • Engage and retain your highest performers
  • Achieve game-changing results
Click here to learn more about Accountability Builder...