A novel. Lincoln Rhodes has a teenage genius for a son, a rarely-present photographer for a wife and runs an events management company that is one big contract away from paying off his mortgage and breaking his lifetime habit of being a B+ achiever. It has been meticulously planned and Lincoln is confident of no stress-outs and no stuff-ups. Laughably optimistic... Lincoln just wants a simple and happy life but first he has to overcome interference from an overly amorous former undercover cop with post-traumatic stress disorder, a Dutch accountant with obsessive compulsive disorder and comically underperforming Zimbabwean mercenaries. So much disorder. Oh, and his wife and kid and job too. No one is who they seem except Lincoln who would very much like to be someone else. And somewhere else. An occasionally farcical and frantic rom-com that never stays in one place for very long as we follow Lincoln and his cohort around New Zealand’s top event destinations. In life, as in love, wherever you go there you are, whoever you are.