Learning Videos

1-minute leadership learning videos - The Brain-Based Boss 4/60s. A series of free 1-minute animations, each with 4 tips on topics relating to leadership, including (but not limited to) change, decisions, delegation, influence and engagement. Time is money and life is short - Spend a minute.

The Brain-Based Boss longer-form 'talking head' explainer videos - If you're looking to continuously improve your personal or leadership effectiveness, this free series of 'talking head' videos has one technique per video. They make complex research accessible & practical. Learning for you when you need it wherever you are. Longer-form 'explainer' videos on leadership topics, they range from 4-18 minutes.


Example Videos

Example of a 'Brain-Based Boss 4/60' Video
(4 leadership tips in 60 seconds)


Example of a longer-form 'talking head' explainer video