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You have a lot of choices. You’re the best person to judge how best to use what I can do. A lot of clients start with an energizing and humourous presentation to the whole team, followed by a hands-on workshop with the leadership group. You’re unique. We can work together and agree what structure, content & format will get you the best results. We’ll both be more successful the more flexible and responsive we are. Each of the topics can be done as a presentation or workshop or combination. Who knows, we could even develop an exciting new topic together? When we work together, we’ll find out.

1. The True Test Of Your Communication Is What Happens When You're Not Around. (Communication For Professionals.)

When a project fails, mistakes occur or a talented team member chooses to leave, smart leaders ask why? Over 80% of the reasons people leave workplaces boil down to the relationship they had with their direct boss. A perception of indifference drives customers away as much as price. Sound familiar? Underlying all those problems are relationship skills, the foundation of which is communication. Think about that.

This is not a soft people-skills 101 session. It’s for professional teams who want to enhance their communication to the next level in a range of situations. I don’t just talk about talking. I provide tools and practice and feedback that drives a demonstrable improvement in results – at work & at home. Your situation and people are unique so my content is customisable. Clients have found tools like priming, framing, emotional connectivity, state changers, imagery & feedback loops particularly game-changing. No doubt you’ve got some particular issues that we can work out a particular solution for. You know in your heart that communication starts and ends with listening and that’s what I’ll do when we work together.

Who Would Benefit?

Sales, customer service, community groups, professional teams / associations, Government, conference organisers

Client Comment:

“We, as a team, enjoyed your honest, practical and straightforward (yet impactful and valuable) presentation (and training)......not to mention the wonderful humour." – Shimrath Paul, Chief Executive, Otago Museum

2. Present YourSELF For Business:

Not The Typical, Run-of the-mill, Off-the-shelf presentation skills workshop If its true that the average person’s #1 fear is public speaking, then what impact might that have on the performance of your people when presenting and how does their presenting impact your results? You put so much work into getting the chance to present to customers, potential customers, politicians, media, staff and a lot rides on the outcome of those presentations. You don’t get many (if any) second chances, do you?

Do you believe that there is one way to present that’ll work every time? Nah, me neither, yet that is what some presentation skills programmes imply. You’d more likely prefer a presentation skills programme that acknowledges that PEOPLE ARE DIFFERENT: You, your team delivering presentations and their ‘audiences’ – ranging across the variety of interactions you engage in from one-on-one to the traditional formal presentation.

I’ll provide a provocative environment, some versatile tools that vary according to the person, the situation and the objectives, and specific and timely feedback but it’s down to the wisdom of your participants to choose what to use. It depends! And YOU decide upon what it depends when we work together.

Who Would Benefit?

Career climbers, self-employed, educators, leaders / managers, sales, professional teams / associations, Government

Client Comments:

“He was totally enthusiastic for the entire afternoon, sharing his knowledge but skilfully getting the attendees, who were all from vastly different work environments and industries to work together either individually or in small groups in such a way that we could all benefit from this seminar.
Highly recommended!” – Jane Macauley, Owner MacTeam Ltd

3. The Brain-Based Boss: Proven Strategies To Create & Maintain A Workplace Culture That Attracts & Retains Talent

Have you ever tried to scope the sheer scale of the cost of your staff churn, disengaged employees and turnover? Never mind the recruitment costs, what about all the indirect effects on productivity and morale as people depart, arrive, learn, remake mistakes & institutional knowledge walks out the door with their stapler. It’s a spiral. It’s a small world made smaller by the internet. You do not want a reputation as a poor employer as you know that’ll drive away talented people and, soon after, drive away customers. Well, what do you want?

You want to be running, and belong to, a workplace of choice. If ever a vacancy occurs, it’ll be for the right reasons and talent will beat a path to your door and that’ll magnetically attract more talent. That’s the kind of spiral you do want. But how? Good question. (Smart people ask good questions. That’s one of the lessons of this programme!)

You’d like to know that the effort will be worth it. You’d like to know what drives these engaged employees. You’d like to know the specific actions you can take to influence the choice of talent to... choose... you. The title ‘Workplace of Choice’ is a red herring. Talent wouldn’t be choosing your workplace, they’d be choosing YOU. (Or not...?) Tools for managing change and influencing behaviour based on an extensive collection of workplace and psychology research - all told in an engaging style not an academic lecture.

Who Would Benefit?

HR professionals, Senior executives, Employers, Employer associations, Small to medium enterprises

Client Comment:

“Terry is a very engaging speaker who presents with passion, humor and a mischievous streak. He clearly knows his subject but much more importantly he is able to impart his knowledge and connects with the audience. He leaves you not just inspired to take action but with the information and tools to do so. Terry’s presentations were interesting, funny, thought-provoking and educational. Many of our delegates gave him two-thumbs up for his session and have asked to hear him speak again next year.“ – Fiona Sim, Key Media, Singapore

4. The Rapport Accelerator:
Amplify Your Influence

It’s frustrating sometimes, isn’t it, how many things are beyond your control, even without economic recessions, interest rates and exchange rates? If your job was banging a nail with a hammer, that’d be simple to control but you have people and society frowns on you banging people with a hammer. Do you think it’s your job to motivate these people – these staff, customers, students, whoever? That’s tough and it relies on you always being there and in a constant state of tension and observation – no wonder people can get frustrated. That’s not healthy for you and unrealistic beyond the short term. If you have people in that situation, you worry they’ll want out and, if you don’t, you want to make sure it stays that way.

You’d prefer something proven to initiate and maintain your influence over the long-term with the minimum of overhead for you. It’s easier, cheaper and more effective to meet your people where their existing internal motivations already are. Why start a new fire when you can get people to bring their own? You’ve likely done a fair bit of thinking about what’s gone astray in the past. Those obstacles to your influence you already know about (plus a few others), we’ll tackle, explain and learn how to work around.

When you book this particular presentation and / or workshop, as others have before you, you’ll be wanting to lessen those feelings of frustration in you and your team as you expand your personal circle of influence.

Who Would Benefit?

  • Leaders wanting to drive positive change in their people,
  • Sales people wanting to build high-value, long-term relationships,
  • Educators and community leaders
  • People who’ve noticed how some people seem to have a natural knack for quickly getting on with people in a professional environment and want to learn how that’s done.

Client Comment:

"Terry presented imperative information for business leaders on how to influence the people around them in a very humorous manner. He highlighted the importance of how your influence as a leader is measured more on how your teams act while you are absent as opposed to how they act while you are there. 83% of attendees (senior finance managers) rated Terry as excellent." – Megan Alexander, General Manager, Robert Half International

5. Two Dangerous Things A Year:
Exercising Your 'Change Muscles'?

How do you feel when you hear stories about kids’ sports leagues not keeping score? Do you wonder about us becoming a country of ‘participants’ instead of ‘competitors’? Is this bubble-wrapped risk-averse culture flowing through into our workforce’s attitudes and behaviours? What effects might that have on your results?

Look at yourself and your team. Seriously, take a minute and go look. Is everyone ‘living in a box’? Do we all eat the same breakfast every day, drive the same route to work, blinking when we arrive with little recollection of our journey? How much time is spent in a trance of sameness smothering innovation, creativity and drive?

Think of all the people complaining about a lack of time. How many of them spend a huge chunk of time wandering around effectively asleep? What can you and they do about it? Plans are always handy, aren’t they? A planned approach to personal and proactive risk-taking has proven benefits for health, work-life balance and workplace productivity. Even if you don’t book this programme, you should book some time with yourself to make that plan.

Who Would Benefit?

  • Sales people wanting to move customers away from inertia.
  • Educators and community leaders wanting to safely drive positive change.
  • Managers, Team Leaders and business leaders trying to snap their teams out of complacency and encourage their people to develop themselves personally and professionally.
  • Risk Managers
  • Professional associations wanting to experience a session with practical, relevant and appropriate content that is still fun, memorable and engaging.

Client Comment:

“An ingenious performer who invigorated our audience with rapid-fire repartee and observational wit. A skilled master of ceremonies, assured speaker, and polished stand-up comedian.” - Debi Chalmers, Asia-Pacific Venue Management Association

6. Humour At Work? You Must Be Joking!

#5 on the list of the top ten drivers of employee engagement is FUN. (We can talk about the other nine too if you want.) You may think you’re the life of the party but how much is too much? You don’t want anyone to cross the line or dress up as a chicken unnecessarily. You’ve heard all the talk about stress being a workplace hazard now and you’re responsible for sorting those. There’s also work-life balance. Appropriate workplace humour can be a powerful tool for individuals and teams to deal with unavoidable stressors. We can talk through a range of case studies involving high-stress workplaces.

There are risks too with workplace humour. Obviously you don’t want to stifle fun on the job but you’ll need this programme’s list of warning signs to watch out for. You may frown on ‘silly training games’ but if done well, there’ll always be a serious reason behind those. (I know there is with mine!) We always talk about those serious reasons afterwards – to make a point and to help us learn. That’s often the case with workplace fun too. Not laughing for the sake of laughing but for the proven benefits based on brain research – psychological and physiological. You’d only want to book a programme like this for the benefits.

Who Would Benefit?

Employers, Managers / Leaders, conference organisers, professional associations

Client Comment:

"Terry presented in a dynamic and humorous manner which left staff both well informed and motivated." – Harry O’Rourke, Chief Executive, Waitakere City Council

7. How To Kiss, Get A Job & Other Stuff You Need To Know

Have you got kids? Have you ever been a kid? Remember what that was like? Would you like a genie’s three wishes to go back and get a few second chances? Who are the people in your life that you’d like to give a chance to learn from and avoid the mistakes you and I have already made? Think about those people and what lies in store for them. However young they are, life is too short to not make the most of it.

This programme is for Gen Y's starting out in the world and Gen Xers wishing they could start again. This is my bouncy and interactive general life skills programme in a fun and accessible style. Content varies but can cover goal setting and personal effectiveness to dealing with sales people and the ever popular and controversial kissing chapter. It’s based on my well-reviewed and best-selling book.

Who Would Benefit?

Young adults, Community leaders, Government, Educators, Parents, Leaders of groups working with young adults

Client Comment:

“This is a laugh-out-loud yet practical guide designed to give young people the confidence to take the big step into adulthood and towards their dreams. It tackles some of the big issues how to get a job, how to find a flat, how to have a party, and some of the smaller but still important ones - how to change a tyre, how to breathe. Help a young person find themselves and in the process demystify adulthood. It points young people in the right direction while avoiding the preachy.” – Waikato Times

" essential family resource, like a dictionary or an atlas..." - Radio NZ National.

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