Terry Williams Speaker

Terry Williams is an expert, author and motivational / entertaining conference keynote speaker on engaging people. A trainer and facilitator for over 25 years, he’s also a columnist in ‘Employment Today’ magazine.

His book ‘The Brain-Based Boss’ takes psychological research and breaks it down, to make it interesting and useful for people wanting to improve their performance and engage the people they work with. He presents slices of his new book ‘Getting Better Buy-In’ offering practical things that frontline leaders can actually do to make a difference.

Terry is also a professional stand-up comedian, performing in several NZ International Comedy Festivals.


Client Comments:

“We, as a team, enjoyed your honest, practical and straightforward (yet impactful and valuable) presentation (and training)......not to mention the wonderful humour." – Shimrath Paul, Chief Executive, Otago Museum

“He was totally enthusiastic for the entire afternoon, sharing his knowledge but skilfully getting the attendees, who were all from vastly different work environments and industries to work together either individually or in small groups in such a way that we could all benefit from this seminar. Highly recommended!” – Jane Macauley, Owner MacTeam Ltd

“Terry is a very engaging speaker who presents with passion, humor and a mischievous streak. He clearly knows his subject but much more importantly he is able to impart his knowledge and connects with the audience. He leaves you not just inspired to take action but with the information and tools to do so. Terry’s presentations were interesting, funny, thought-provoking and educational. Many of our delegates gave him two-thumbs up for his session and have asked to hear him speak again next year.“ – Fiona Sim, Key Media, Singapore

"Terry presented imperative information for business leaders on how to influence the people around them in a very humorous manner. He highlighted the importance of how your influence as a leader is measured more on how your teams act while you are absent as opposed to how they act while you are there. 83% of attendees (senior finance managers) rated Terry as excellent." – Megan Alexander, General Manager, Robert Half International 

Presentations - Motivation, Influence, Persuasion

 Getting Better Buy-In

The thing about behavior change is that you can’t do it for them, nor can you always be around when the going gets tough. For those people doing the actual moving towards behavior change, they need to:

  • want to do it,
  • think they need to do it,
  • think they can do it, and
  • think they should do it now.

The combination of all those conditions is what we label ‘motivated’.

This presentation gives you structures, systems, tools and the design for environments that will allow and enable you to motivate yourselves when I’m not around. And, more importantly, for you to do the same with your people. Practical things that frontline leaders can actually do to make a difference.

The ideas and tools in this presentation are backed by research and forged in real life experience. They work. But we need to get away from this notion of motivation being you saying something to someone enthusiastically like a cheerleader or forcefully like a Marines Drill Sergeant, or an impassioned plea to go out and win one for the Gipper. They are easy images to conjure up but they’re not how lasting motivation is managed in the real world. They’re movie set-pieces and you’re not Al Pacino. How can you engage your people and move them to move with you, buying into your mission, goals and changes?


Who Would Benefit?

  • Leaders and those seeking to influence or persuade teams
  • sales
  • customer service
  • community groups
  • professional teams / associations
  • sports
  • Government
  • conference organisers


Two Dangerous Things A Year: Exercise Your 'Change Muscles' & Build Resilience

How do you feel when you hear stories about kids’ sports leagues not keeping score? Do you wonder about us becoming a country of ‘participants’ instead of ‘competitors’? Is this bubble-wrapped risk-averse culture flowing through into our workforce’s attitudes and behaviours? What effects might that have on your results?

Look at yourself and your team. Seriously, take a minute and go look. Is everyone ‘living in a box’? Do we all eat the same breakfast every day, drive the same route to work, blinking when we arrive with little recollection of our journey? How much time is spent in a trance of sameness smothering innovation, creativity and drive?

Think of all the people complaining about a lack of time. How many of them spend a huge chunk of time wandering around effectively asleep? What can you and they do about it? Plans are always handy, aren’t they? A planned approach to personal and proactive risk-taking has proven benefits for health, work-life balance and workplace productivity. Even if you don’t book this programme, you should book some time with yourself to make that plan. My backstory on doing dangerous things.

Who Would Benefit?

  • Sales people wanting to move customers away from inertia.
  • Educators and community leaders wanting to safely drive positive change.
  • Managers, Team Leaders and business leaders trying to snap their teams out of complacency and encourage their people to develop themselves personally and professionally.
  • Professional associations wanting to experience a session with practical, relevant and appropriate content that is still fun, memorable and engaging.

Client Comment:

“An ingenious performer who invigorated our audience with rapid-fire repartee and observational wit. A skilled master of ceremonies, assured speaker, and polished stand-up comedian.” - Debi Chalmers, Asia-Pacific Venue Management Association